B & B Villa dei Priori Rooms, restaurant, hospitality in the Piceno area

Villa dei Priori Bed&Breakfast in Via Salaria a Monsampolo del Tronto (AP)

0735/702334 info@villadeipriori.com

p. IVA 01801740448

Info&Rooms 0735 702334 Restaurant 348 9294222 info@villadeipriori.com

Via Salaria km 200 - 63077, Monsampolo del Tronto


Our rooms


Out by the canons of a hotel

"Villa dei Priori" is released by the canons of hospitality.

Guests can avail of all the rooms of the Villa, its keys,which allow full freedom and autonomy of the living room.

The parking is inside the Villa and a remote control, at your disposal, will allow you entry at any time of the day. "Villa dei Priori" is more than a Hotel. Is your Villa in the Piceno!

...Six rooms...Only six rooms...

This is the reason why it is a pleasure to sleep in the Villa dei Priori.
You're not a number... you're a person!

Each Room is different from another...

These Rooms are furnished with original antique pieces, we ask that you do care for her.

You can sleep in a bed, as a bed for one and a half. Or on a bed in wrought iron hand...

However, it is a healthy sleep. The mattress is "orthopedic". So you wake up rested and ready for a good home-made breakfast!

The Rooms are all with private facilities, complimentary toiletries and a hairdryer.

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